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Find all your answers here. The Australian Space Agency, with the help of contributors and advisors, has developed a resource centre that includes factsheets, project sheets and professional papers. You will find other cool things as well, like a gravity calculator and a convert calculator.

Fact Sheets

Level 1 is an introductory understanding of a topic, and will usually be no more than a page long, and is suitable for primary school students or individuals looking for general information.

Level 2 is regarded as a good general knowledge of a particular topic. It will usually be no more than three pages long and is suitable for high school students or people wanting a little more detail about a topic.

Level 3 is a comprehensive document with all the current scientific knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. The information is suitable for university students and scientific research.

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Project Sheets
Project sheets are a great way for students to learn about fundamentals and an introduction to space sciences. Project sheets have been developed for primary and secondary students. All our project sheets are copyright protected but are available for all teachers to download and print off copies for class lessons and activities. The cost is 10 cents per printed copy.
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Professional Papers
Professional papers are usually written by scientists doing research in a particular area. Information in these papers are the findings of the individual or organisation doing the research and usually contains new and undiscovered information.
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