Aliens and UFO's are a fascinating and intriguing phenomenon. The ASA by providing the following links in no way constitutes endorsement or the validity of these stories. However we do support the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) scientific programs which is widely endorsed by the scientific community as hard and real science.

Wife and Husband Encounter UFO
Grace and three of her girlfriends first spot the UFO on their way home. A very close encounter experienced again by her husband and son just two weeks later.

UFO Spooks Car with Family
A mother films a UFO while her husband drives. It seems to be a hair raising experience for the children in the backseat.

UFO Over Sydney, Australia, Documentary
Interviews with a former air traffic controller, police and community witnesses all confirm the same event. Exciting and informative.

UFO Over Tasmania
Impressive footage but many believe this is not actually real, and is most probably a hoax. You be the judge.

Australian UFO Wave
A collection of 31 clips taken over Australia. It appears as if there is a lot of UFO activity down under.

UFO's Filmed by NASA's Space Shuttle
Footage filmed during space shuttle STS-80 mission, investigates the attraction UFO’s seem to have with electrical storms.

Space Shuttle Tether Incident
A satellite tether breaks free from the space shuttle, and as it is filmed, it appears as if there is a lot of UFO interest in this event.


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