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The Australian Space Agency (ASA) is an independent central entity for aerospace and related activities in Australia. We provide a comprehensive communication hub for professionals, amateurs, and the wider community.
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Mining the Moon may be 'pie in the sky'
Moon mining China's Moon rover will survey for minerals on a dusty, barren...

Near-Earth asteroid a 'rubble pile' of rock
Ginger rock A Chinese spacecraft has given astronomers their closest view ...

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Why bother about space? After all it's above our heads, or is it?

Space programs provide an important variety of services to Australia. Innovation across the aerospace industry is an important aspect of Australia’s capability and is a potential catalyst for creating new and valuable spin-off technologies.

These include bio-engineering, robotics, optics, materials, software, electronics, power cells, ground control systems, data processing, communication and advanced manufacturing technologies. Project management, space education and training follow as important support structures.


Find out what Australian scientists have planned as our future aerospace activities.

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Galaxy Building Blocks

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The Australian Space Agency has numerous amateur activities and associations that are open for community involvement. Join other enthusiasts and share the excitement of Space.